Feedback from our Students

My first noticeable physical effect of doing yoga was increased flexibility and range of motion in joints. When I first started with the forward bend, my hands were level with my knees - my back was very inflexible. Now, my hands are fully on the floor, my forehead is at my knee level. My goal is to touch my forehead to my knees. Yoga practice has increased my strength because the postures use my own weight to resist itself in balance poses. Yoga has toned my muscles, so I wear my clothes better.

Mentally, yoga practice has resulted in a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. I am especially grateful for the yoga classes during the long winter months when the sun rises at 8:00 AM and sets by 4:30 PM. Sadness and depression can get an easy grip during these dark months. Doing yoga then is what I need to pick me up, cheer me up mentally. My body seems to thank me for the activity.

Deb and Sarah, the instructors who have helped me, are experts in anatomy and physiology. They know which muscle groups are engaged in each posture. They tailor each class to students' ability. They explain variations of the posture, so each student can adjust to their experience and comfort. There is no "competition" or judgment in the classes. Each does their own practice according to their ability and progress from there. The contraindications are explained for each posture, so if one has high blood pressure or is pregnant, a variation is given. The students are supportive of each other and welcome newcomers.

I have attended yoga classes in various studio, gym and ashram settings, finding Deb and Sarah among the best. These ladies are gems. We are fortunate to have this precious facility in our community fostering our growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So - buy a mat, or use theirs. All the yoga props are available for use. Come, join in. We even receive a "thought for the day", an inspirational phrase for us to ponder as we put on our shoes and re-enter the world out there!

New Prague

I just wanted to drop a quick email to thank you for last night’s yoga class. For the first time in months I had a good night’s rest. I feel super today and love it. Thanks again for your instruction!!!

– Bonnie
Belle Plaine

I am writing as a testimonial to how much I enjoy the classes at Way to Yoga, and to how much it has helped me both physically and spiritually.

Initially, I began yoga lessons on the advice of my physician for the treatment of high blood pressure, to gain more physical flexibility and diminish back pain. I had already been working out by lifting weights three times a week and doing cardio three times a week on non-weight-lifting days.

I have really enjoyed exploring the different styles of yoga offered by Way to Yoga. I have practiced Hatha yoga, hot yoga and perhaps my favorite, power yoga. All have definitely enhanced my well-being, and aided my weight lifting and cardio performance because of increased strength, flexibility and focus. I have discovered that regular practice of yoga also helps me to deal with stress much better, and has enabled me to better concentrate and focus on solutions to problems. As a result, my blood pressure is now under control in the healthy range, and my back is virtually pain free. Another great benefit to practicing yoga is that it is something that my wife and I can enjoy together.

It is no small wonder that many professional football teams have introduced yoga into their conditioning programs for all of the reasons mentioned. The Men’s Health web site now has a whole section devoted to the practice of yoga as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

You have all been such patient and caring instructors, helping me to grow and foster my practice of yoga, and helping me integrate it into a healthier lifestyle. I look forward to practicing yoga together for many years.

– Sonny
New Prague

I had been contemplating starting Yoga for over 5 years before I started at Way to Yoga. I am typically not one to join group classes, preferring to exercise alone. In fact, I even purchased a Yoga DVD a couple of years ago, but found that to be un-motivational and impersonal.

Then, last fall, my chiropractor suggested I practice Yoga to help me with my “lack of flexibility” and to help strengthen my back. After all, I am in my upper 40’s and everything was getting a little more difficult to do! Well, I found out about Way to Yoga, and cautiously signed up for 4 classes. In the back of my mind I had already succumbed to the fact I probably wouldn’t continue. Was I wrong! In fact, after taking 4 classes I was hooked! In the beginning, I was unsteady and “stiff as a board”, but NEVER ONCE did I feel that I was lagging behind the other students. The instructors are exceptional at reminding all of us that we are individuals, to take things slowly, and that at every class to follow your bodies' cues.

It’s been 8 months now, and I am beginning to feel like a new person. In fact, I recently did a seemingly small task that I haven’t been able to do before. I have an old wind up clock, and when I would wind it up I could not use my right hand (I am right handed). After 2 or 3 turns, my arm would get sharp pains in the ligaments. So for years I’ve been winding this clock with my left, occasionally trying it with my right, but the pain was still there. Well, last month I was winding the clock, and I suddenly realized I was using my right arm!! There was absolutely no pain at all! I am also noticing that I am now consciously and unconsciously adjusting my posture (I’ve been known to be a bit of a sloucher). I am also becoming more flexible, which I notice when I am bending down to pick something up or reaching for an object in a tricky place.

Take it from me, it’s never too late to start Yoga. Like I wrote earlier, I am now hooked and will practice Yoga for the rest of my life.

Thank you Deb Swanson, and all of the instructors at Way To Yoga!

– Annie
New Prague

I am a lady of "maturing" age and yoga has helped me maintain a "youthful" outlook. Yoga practice gives me friendship, exercise of mind and body, and a refreshing burst of energy to carry out into my daily routine. I look forward to the weekly sessions and can't imagine yoga not being part of my life.

– Mary
New Prague

My journey began 6 months before my 50th birthday. I knew I needed to lose weight and wanted to be healthier and feel better. I took some classes where they taught me how to eat for a healthier lifestyle and I also started working out at home. About 2 months into my journey I found Deb Swanson and Way To Yoga. I had always been curious about yoga, but didn't really know anything about it or how or where to get started. I was apprehensive about trying yoga and thought I might feel foolish and uncoordinated. With Deb's help and guidance I felt neither and I was hooked from my first yoga practice! It's been a little over a year since I started practicing yoga and I'm still loving it. Deb and all the instructors are so compassionate, patient and supportive.

I love how I'm learning things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected. Going through my daily life I find myself thinking about the things I learned during my yoga practice. Things like my breathing, posture, letting go of things I can't control and living in the present moment. Physically yoga has helped tremendously with my flexibility and strength. With my new eating plan and practicing yoga I have lost a little over 40 lbs. I'm starting to feel muscles in places I didn't even know I had muscles!

I'm so thankful that I found Deb and Way To Yoga! My journey is ongoing and always changing with every yoga practice. I love the fact that I feel better at 50 than I did at 40 (and probably 30 too!).

– Luana
Jordan, MN